For over a year now the people who live along Knight Road, Huron, and Storey Ave and the people who live around the Coqualeetza field have been trying to scare the crows that gather only 3 months of the year. They do it year-round though and have scared off all the other birds we use to have. You can walk through this area early in the morning and there are no birds signing no matter what time of the year it is. Nobody will stand up for the birds as this is on Stolo Land. People need to take a stand against the evil these people are putting our birds through every day. I am crazy for caring they say. They have no clue about crows or where they live but if they want to look up the history it’s all online in the stories about Mr. Wells and in the Chilliwack, progress archives. Please help with the bringing back of our feathered friends the crows need friends too they usually play with all these other birds that are no longer present in our neighborhood. A crow is a songbird just like the robin and stellar jay.

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