I have been trying for years to find out more about the history of the crows that live around Chilliwack. In 2008 I use to walk from the old bingo hall to Wiltshire and I use to see 100’s of crows gathering all around the Coqualeetza grounds in the trees never thought to much about it than but then I moved to Topaz Drive and years after living there I noticed 100’s of crows in the trees along Luckakuck Creek so I had to find out what they are doing and from then on I have learned a lot about the crows. I had emailed people who worked at The Native Resource Center and asked about the history of the crows that gather in this area, I thought they would know something since there were so many of them that gathered in the trees there, but they did not seem to know much but they did say they enjoyed the crows as well. As years went on, I would go for my break at work and watch the crows as 100’s if not thousands would fly from the trees along the Luckakuck Creek. I thought it was the most amazing thing so I would stand there on my breaks and make videos of all the crows flying to roost, but my break was never long enough to get to watch the whole parade of crows fly off into the sunset. I would always try to make it out to the end of Topaz Drive to watch the crows but would be at work most nights but when Covid hit us, and everything locked down I was able to take the time to watch the birds as they stage and gather and see what this was all about. The birds would fly in from every direction in the groups and land in the trees along Luckakuck Creek and The Native Resource Center there had to be 1000’s and still they just would keep coming than I noticed the birds would start playing and racing each other across the field as the others would cheer from the trees like we would do if it were sports day or something like that in school. When the birds fly in many would fly with their mate and show off how they could fly together. It reminded me of figure skating when they skate in couples. And others would just show off their flying skills. From what I have learned this gathering can be the place that they meet a mate so showing off their skills would attract attention and you just never know, I guess find their life partner. When I try to tell people about the history, they think I am just making things up or will say oh is that what it says on your website implying I must be making it up. As an autistic person my passion is birds. I love learning about them and watching them.  

What I have learned about Chilliwack and the white crows is that Chilliwack has had a white crow since before 1924. One white crow was sent to the game board after it was shot to be preserved and mounted the other was sent to Vancouver parks board for Stanely Park.  

In 1932 there was a siting of a white crow near the fairgrounds foraging. 

Not about the white crow but found it interesting. Chilliwack Bird Banding Reserve First In Canada 

 In the year 1938 there were reports of two youths that had shot another white crow but that same year on Cook Street there had been a white robin and one with and one with white marks.  


In 1952 there were reports of a white crow on the hill in Promontory 

Chilliwack BC Canada geese being raised for the Government  

This next clipping is a letter that someone wrote. I find it touching. I wish everyone felt like this.  

Luckakuck Creek how it is home to so many birds as it is a safe place away from hunting. 

Shoot a rare white crow  

1939 Luckakuck Creek Bird sanctuary 

1953 bird sanctuary extended  



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