I have being going and watching the birds gather for over 5 years now but I have pictures dating back to 2008 of the birds gathering along the Luckakuck Creek Trail and the Coqualeetza grounds. When I use to work at the bingo hall when it was on Knight Road my sister told me they use to call it the crow Olympics for the reason that they would fly in cheering and racing each other 100’s to 1000’s a crows would gather. I remember walking home when I lived on Wiltshire and I use to think there must be an eagle around I had no clue why there was so many crows on the ground and in the trees. As I got older my curiosity made me educate myself instead of pointing the finger and blaming and shaming someone just because they are there making friend’s with the crows that are here because of the history of this area. History is something that can answer all your questions but people would rather play the blame game than learn about where they live. I am actually surprised that people think that I have enough food to feed 1000 crows and that 1000 crows are here for me lol. The part I have for got to  mention I am in a corn field and people blame me for the birds. lol I have being coming here way before it was a community trail and the people use to be super friendly. Chilliwack doubled in size in a year and everyone started being really mean I do not know what happened to the nice people who use to live and work around here but they are no longer here. The part about squirrels and rats I can tell you they were a problem well before I arrived you can find that in the history as well. I live along a creek that was a birds sanctuary beside a road that has cornfields on both ends and in the middle I am not confused about where I live. I moved here to be right on the back of the creek I have being watching the birds gather on for many years.


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  1. Dose of reality. says:

    Everybody did not “start being really mean”. Your ignorance and lack of awareness to see the problem that you are creating is the reason people take issue with “your friends”. One thing we can agree on is the crows were here before us. They did not need your help then, they do not need your help now. Your unhealthy obsession is doing more harm than good and is completely self serving. We all love that we in an area surrounded by nature, and respect its habitat. Look in the mirror and understand the issue is looking right back at you. Grow up.

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