I am sorry that you had bird pooh on your carhowever, this is not my fault.Your location of employment is on the back of a cornfieldYou say you talked to a C.O like I’m supposed to know what that means.You then continued on about how it’s illegal for me to feed crows.You would not listen to anything I wanted to say, but you want me to listen.Furthermore, you had no reasoning. Am I supposed to obey someone who just puts their hand up and walks away?It has been the past 5 years that I have walked to the end of the road to feed the crows. But I do know from years of walking through the field before I lived on this road that every night before the sun goes down the crows gather in the trees and if you think I’m wrong there is proof in pictures and in videos for anyone who thinks I might be making this up. So many people don’t pay attention to the world around them that you may have never noticed. I can tell you this is called staging, and it is part of the crow’s natural instinct and hundreds sometimes thousands of crows are right out the window of your work if you have never seen it, it is quite an amazing sight and sound to watch it can be kind of like a moment of awe. I know it’s hard to believe that this is not my fault and that you came and told me something that is not true in the freezing cold weather when there is ground that is frozen solid. The birds were hungry today and of all days you come to tell me I am breaking the law I cannot disagree with you more. I have read the law. I am pretty sure I do not have a provincial or national park at the end of my road I’m pretty sure it is a cornfield and a community trail. If the law has changed and crows are now a protected species as they and every other animal should be let me know. In Canada, we do not protect our Crows, and we should as we should respect them too since just like you and just like me, they have family and friends who care about them and depend on them. JUST SAYING

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  1. Concerned citizen says:

    Just thought you should know, crows have survived naturally without the help of humans all through the years. When you leave food out for them in a populated neighborhood, it attracts rats and squirrels which cause much damage and even fire to houses not to mention health hazards. You are now putting humans at risk. This has nothing to do with you loving birds but everything to do with property damage and human health and safety. Crows come and go naturally and nobody scares them away as you accuse so please just let nature be nature without your intervention. Enjoy the birds but do not purposely attract hundreds to a neighborhood. We are first nations and human intervention is part of the problem.

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