MARCH 9 2021

I was just standing at the end of the road with my crow friend sitting on the fence, crows hanging out being social before they fly to roost for the night, and this man came walking up swatting his umbrella at the crows who had done nothing to him. They were just sitting on the fence. I had to ask him why? Why would you do that? He responds that I need help and he is going to poison the crows. He should have already done this, he responds. I myself was so upset by this. I can not even believe this man who lives one floor up from me would say something like that. Why would anyone want to hurt a helpless bird? He told me that I was sick in my head and I needed help. Funny isn’t it? I do have autism, but it’s not that obvious except for the fact that I love these birds and just being around them. The day before this man had said these things to me, I had read in the Chilliwack Progress about dogs getting sick from something that they had eaten when out for a walk on a trail. I was on a trail when this man was saying he should poison the birds. This man should really think about what he is saying, but then again, maybe he got the idea from the paper. I have no clue. I don’t think of harming another living being. Crows are social beings and have family and friends that care for them. This man, I do not know his name, but I do know he is a really mean person and I feel for anyone who has to deal with someone like him. I mean, he was calling me all kinds of names and telling me I needed to see a doctor because I like birds. He couldn’t even just walk by and mind his own business. He made a point of walking and swatting his umbrella for no reason. It makes no sense. I feel for his angry sole but he wants to hurt animals, so I guess at heart he is broken.

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