To the people who live on Knight Rd in Chilliwack. Do you think it is time to take responsibility for your rat actions, since rats usually do not travel further than the perimeter of a building? They are creatures of habit. They do not wander down the road and eat out of the elders lodge garden. Rats do not usually cross the road. People of Knight road, have you looked around or out your window lately? It should be of no surprise to you when you see that there is a cornfield right in your backyard. Did you forget to check the history or location of where you were going to live your existence in this world? Making big decisions about where you want to live, you should really think about looking at what is going to be around you as well as the surrounding land before you move in and be the neighbourhood boss. Did you know that agriculture is what Chilliwack is built upon, and we are living pretty much at ground zero for farmland. Knight road is 2.26 Km long and at both ends as well as in the middle we have fields that are of agriculture use.

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