When I left my apartment, there were always, for the past 15 years, little bunnies out the side door of my apartment building. When I would go down the stairs to get through the fence, they would always scatter and hide. This morning I saw a bunny when I was picking up my love from work. Seeing the bunnies made me realize that our bunnies are truly gone. I should not be surprised, though, as the people who live next to me choose to kill squirrels instead of living with them. These people who have their own pets of their choice don’t think that people who are not allowed to have pets should get to enjoy nature. This world has gone mad. I have always watched the bunnies from my patio. They like to play in the early morning and middle of the night and they chase each other around. It is rather adorable to watch. People must begin to care and love more for what is around them, as well as notice what is missing. Our geese and our ducks I love taking pictures of the geese landing and the ducks popping their heads up from the grass. It looks like a scene out of the game duck hunt.

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