The lady who accused me of breaking the law? What is wrong with you. I have for years being going to the end of the road I am not sure how long you have worked at the Stolo elders Lodge but the way that you act makes me wonder how you treat the people you are caring for. When you come out to go to your vehicle and spin your tires pulling out of the parking lot of your employment driving directly at the birds honking your horn does that make you feel powerful. The thought of taking the life of a bird that has family and friends around it hanging out together. I just wonder as I have never had the desire to kill something and you seem like you must really want to cause you do it all the time. Right when you pull out did you know that its a community trail just thought you should know this as there is always people and wildlife on the road here so maybe you should be thinking about not trying to run animals over just cause your a mean lady. I am sorry you dislike nature and it make me wonder why you would want to work on Stolo Land with so much hate for something that they care for dearly and from what I know they would not want the animals to have this inflicted upon them by some selfish person who HATES.

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