DECEMBER 29 2021

I know this might sound like a weird question but I am not sure who to ask or who can help as this is not something of a normal problem. I every day for the past 5 years frequent the Coqualeetza field.  The corn field has being transformed into a community trail. Every day I go to see the birds and I feed the crows as they are what I call my crow friends they even come to visit me at home, but I cannot give them peanuts there. I love these birds and being outdoors and around birds, I use to think it was something most would love but I have found that is not true. I have come to the conclusion there is not many people who live around me who feel this way as they are killing the squirrels and using electronic bird deterrents to rid the area of the birds. Coqualeetza is a safe place for the birds in the area year round and they rest in the field when there is no corn growing. The field has always being full of life with all kinds of birds who just hang out in or around the land. I love it I think it’s the best thing about living right next to this area. The people who live around me not so much. They have invested in electronic bird scare devices. I don’t know where they are but I do know that they are being used to keep the birds out off of the land and if they do get to land and rest in the field its not for very long until the sound that we cannot hear bounces around and hits them and makes them flee as they are uncomfortable. The sound the bird are feeling can be recorded through a microphone. The Birds can’t hear it they can feel it and it makes them feel sick and uncomfortable. To me this is just wrong I don’t think they should be allowed to keep the birds from landing and enjoying the area. They do not own their apartment never mind using this device on property that should be of no concern to them, if there is wildlife it belongs here. 

I talked to one man who works on the grounds and he said any problem that this with the animals you get a hold of conservation. I talked to someone from the gov’t about this device but there is nothing they can do someone might not want a bird to nest on their balcony but they are not using this device for that they are using this device pointed at the field to keep them away. This part of Chilliwack the Crows for 3 months of the year come from as far as 50 miles away to congregate and socialize 2 hours before the sun goes down they meet in the trees and on the ground when there young are just newly fledged and strong enough to fly to roost with all the other crows. This happens from July till October and just from what I know it has being happening for over 20 years. It is amazing but I am not concerned about the crows as they adapt to every situation. I think this is wrong and there should be geese in the field every day. The field every year at this time is full of birds. Geese ducks other birds that hang out with the geese that I don’t know the name of. There is usually the gulls and the crows and they all usually rest there on these cold days as we do live by the mall and this is their territory all birds have a territory they reside in daily and fly to roost in the afternoon. The birds arrive around 7:30-8 am and leave before 3 pm it’s only a few hours a day there is so much construction and it is so cold they need to have somewhere. I know they are birds and they will survive but that is not the point. There is no reason for people to do this. When I looked up the administration of the Stolo resource center the guy in the picture is a guy I have a video of scaring the birds out of the field I sent the video to the spca to find out if he was allowed to fly his plane thing over the birds that were resting and what he was doing there is laws against it so I know that there is no help from the people there. I cannot believe all this disrespect for the birds and the area they live. I don’t even know who to ask as I am only a neighbor but I know that this land is of all the bands in the area. I could be over reacting but I really care for what happens to the birds and critters around me they are so disrespected and people think of them as pests when they are so full of life and they are happy and I like to say crows are smarter than most people I know. For me I would rather have the company of the birds than that of some human who cannot appreciate how lucky we are to have this where we live. It is those un appreciative people who are trying to remove the life that belongs to the land. Any suggestions who I might send this letter to ?  I am at a loss as the people who work at the Elders Lodge don’t like the birds as well the man who works in administration resource center. 

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