I live in an area surrounded by high pitch buzzing and squealing all night all night from outside my apartment. I live in an area that use to be the surrounded by the sounds of birds chirping as early as 3 am all through the morning. I live in an area surrounded buy cornfields and lands used for agricultural needs.

I live near people who hate all these things and its really sad. I don’t understand maybe cause I never was around people who wanted all the birds gone. These people must have come to Chilliwack from the city maybe its cheaper to live here and they are expecting the same here as it is there. We live with nature surrounding us. Right next to where I live there is a creek that crows for years have gathered along during the summer into the fall I am sure they gather here as it is running along to a bird sanctuary and through a field with all kinds of nature and life that thrive around it.

I live where we are all under attack of the ultrasonic sound that is keeping all the small birds away form the area I live in. I for years watch the people who walk by my apartment during the day and they always look up some even pointing at the ground or the roof. I don’t know why but I assume they are looking for crows. People who live in my building even on my floor have taken part in the hunt for the crows they think I  feed from home. It has being over 4 years since I have fed crows from my patio, I use to throw the food over and onto the ground for them when they would fly in in the morning but I was told that  I am not allowed to to do that so  I don’t and have not since. This attack on the small birds and bunnies from the area is really upsetting and makes me wonder what kind of a person does something like this do they even know what they have done? I don’t think they have a clue cause they are still looking for the crows that this device has no effect on as crows a bigger and hear the same as us. These devices are illegal to use on agricultural land so I am goin to be looking it to people using these device’s on the land next to agricultural land it doesn’t seem right that the people cant do this much damage to the life that lives around us.

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