People I thought I had respected, who live surrounding me, are not who I imagined they were. You would assume the folks around you would know their surroundings spending 13 or more years living at the same place. I think this covid 19 thing must have transformed everybody into cruel morons. 

Respect is 

                  thinking and acting 

                                                               in a way that  

                                              shows others 

                                                              you care  

                            about their feelings and 

 their well-being.


Crows will not grow reliant on humans. They have lives and are fairly self-sufficient as a species. They can live quite well without human food, and the rationale for feeding them is not because they require it. This is because, if you wish to befriend a crow or its family, feeding them is the quickest method to acquire their Favour. Most things in life are a give and take, which is ok with me since spending time watching these joyful little hoppers that make me grin is well worth it. Crows, on the other hand, are going to be here regardless, so why not take the time to learn and get to know a little bit about them? When it comes to crows, I believe that people make way too fast judgments. When someone complains about crows, it’s evident that they have no idea what they’re talking about. Any reasonable individual who has learned about these songbirds appreciates them. 

Each day of the 7-day week is associated with one of the planets. Thus, Saturn is believed to rule Saturday. Feeding crows helps us connect to Saturn and what the planet represents. It can make the Saturn function within our psyche stronger. 

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