It is funny to think that this place where I live in this building with all these elderly people who do not even realize that the gulls are gone when they are complaining about them. The gulls leave every year around the end of April and into the middle of May and they do not come back until around October. They come back before it gets cold out and then they spend time together in a mall parking lot. This is not something new, it is something that has been going on for years and years, sort of how the crows congregate every year in the same place, and they have been doing it for years and years and years, but the funny part is that people still complain about the gulls being here when the gulls are not here because they do not realize it, they just need a reason to complain. It is pretty sickening considering they want to do something about it, but they are not here. Just a thought 

Not funny, but right after I wrote this paragraph, the gulls all disappeared overnight. 

Not funny at all. They must have killed them because they do not ever leave overnight. It usually takes over a month before you get down to one gull when they leave for nesting and not all gulls nests. There is one juvenile we call Lone Wolf. He or she has been living on the roof of my landlord’s building since the middle of April 2021 alone. 

April 2, 2021  

We live in a world where facts do not matter anymore. It is so stupid because if you are going to do things for reasons that are based upon hate, that is not a good reason to do anything. People hate crows, for reasons that are not even backed by science. Here in Chilliwack, BC, crow shoots were held, and they would cut their feet off and turn them in for a bounty. There are several articles in the archives dating back to the beginning of time. Killing crows for reasons that had no truth behind what was thought, I find it disturbing. Killing an animal for what someone thinks is not based on science, just hear say. There is some truth to what they think. Needing to kill more crows because they are killing small birds is not the answer to saving small birds. 81% of the birds do not die from crows and 6% of them have a higher survival rate because of crows. Science is on the crow’s side. What the Chilliwack Progress was writing about was not true or fair to the crows. They have families and friends just like us who care for them. We should not live in a world like this. Knowledge is power, well it is supposed to be. 

Three days ago, I was sitting in my living room, and I could hear the crows outside reacting to something that was upsetting them. I thought a predator, or something was out there. I went outside to check it out and across the street in the parking lot where there is a lawyer’s office, there was a starling on the ground dead in front of the building. Every year, starlings’ nest on the roof of the office building across the street. Every year, the starlings forage on the lawn in front of where I live. Starlings are an invasive species. Today is April 2nd, the beginning of the nesting season for starlings. When starlings are breeding, they can be aggressive. They are also known to take over the nests of other birds, like woodpeckers and swallows, and bluebirds. Starlings are omnivores and passerine birds, just like the crow. Starlings can also have up to 7 eggs in their nest. The fledged leave the nest usually after 20 – 23 days (about 3 and a half weeks). What was happening outside as normal was blamed on the crows, when in fact, if anybody cares to know why these birds are upset or fighting with other birds, you will have to watch them. The flickers are nested across the street as well as the starlings. Starlings like to bother other birds, and the flickers were nested, and I do not know what they were doing, but I do know the crows were just bystanders and they take the blame. The starlings are only in this neighborhood for the nesting season. The flickers are here year-round, as are the crows. 

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